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How much house can you afford?

How Much House Can I Afford?
January 23, 2014

By Lee Nelson You are so excited to finally go look at houses to buy. You’ve been renting for a long time, and it’s just time to have your own place. You’ve saved for a good down payment. Congratulations. But have you really considered how much house you can afford which includes all the upkeep, […]

FHA Back to Work program

FHA “Back to Work” Program Launches, Helping those with Bad Credit
November 15, 2013

by Sr. Loan Officer Ron Bennett (NMLS 57792) The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has made some changes to FHA financing that you should know about. These updates might mean you could buy a home again just one year after a foreclosure, bankruptcy, short sale, or other economic event. The last recession had a tough effect […]

Get your mortgage application approved.

Avoiding a Mortgage Application Denial
August 24, 2013

While knowing how to get approved is certainly important, knowing what not to do is just as critical. What are some deal-killers when it comes to mortgage approval? Don’t Switch Careers When you applied for a home loan, you also provided copies of your pay check stubs and you’re W2s. if you decide to change […]

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Success Stories of those 25 and Younger Buying Homes
June 1, 2016

Buying a home is a stressful situation no matter what age. But what if you are 25 or younger? Barely out of college or working for a few years, some of these millennials are actually making the American dream of homeownership a reality despite all the surveys and research saying that generation is delaying this […]

Loans for Fixer Uppers
June 1, 2016

You have your eye on that Cape Cod on the corner. You see the beauty beyond its shabby, unkempt appearance. It will be a gem and the prettiest house on the block once you fix it up. However, you’ll need a loan to buy it and to rehab it. Where do you turn? There are several […]


Appraisal Value Came in Lower than Expected. What Now?
September 4, 2014

When lenders evaluate a loan application, whether the application is for a purchase or a refinance, there really are two approvals needed—the approval for the borrowers on the loan application and the property. Both have to be approved or it’s a “no go.” The borrowers are approved on multiple levels including sufficient income, established credit […]